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Girls Scouts Tour the Hospital

Girl Scout

On a Saturday morning in August, nine Girl Scouts pulling a wagon of cookies visited St. Anthony’s Hospital. It might be out of season for buying Girl Scout cookies, but Troop #1278 had 63 boxes reserved for donating to their “Hometown Hero”: team members at the hospital.

Before passing out the cookies to hospital team members, several nurses shared what they do in the healthcare field and why it is a rewarding career. The Girl Scouts then took a tour of the hospital, learning the history of St. Anthony’s and how it has grown over the last 90 years.

On their journey through the hospital, the Girl Scouts handed out cookies at each nursing station. The team members were so excited to see the girls’ smiling faces. Donna, Admin on Duty, said the visit “truly was the highlight of our morning”.

The tour ended in the lobby where the Girl Scouts met volunteers knitting hats, lap blankets, and more for patients. The Girl Scouts saw how many different roles exist in a hospital and were inspired to explore working in the healthcare field.

A big thank you to Troop #1278 for donating cookies and brightening team members’ mornings!