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New Equipment Privately Funded by Generous Donors


One of St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation’s funding priorities is advanced technologies. It is important for our hospital to have the latest technology and equipment so we can provide the highest quality care for our patients.

Recently, we had two individual donors take it upon themselves to fund new equipment. Because of their generous donations, A VeinViewer and a MAC VU360 EKG were purchased for the hospital.

The VienViewer allows clinicians to quickly and confidently detect veins that are difficult to find through sight and palpation, significantly reducing assessment time and stick attempts.

The MAC VU360 EKG allows for comparison of current and previous electrocardiograms in real time, saving time and providing access to patient data across different platforms.

The Foundation recently received numerous requests for equipment and patient program funding from hospital leadership. These items represent hospital needs for which no funding is available. To view current equipment needing funding, click here. If you are interested in donating to fund a piece of equipment or program, contact Amy Leuschke, Director of Development, at 727-825-1109 or

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