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Kicking off our End of Year Giving Campaign: Home for the Holidays!

Home for the Holidays Giving Campaign

Giving Tuesday, November 28th, is the official kick off to St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation’s Home for the Holidays Giving Campaign. Giving Tuesday always falls after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, encouraging people to donate to their favorite charities. This is an important day for many charities. Giving Tuesday donations in the United States alone totaled $3.1 billion in 2022 (source GivingTuesday Data Commons).

The campaign will run until December 31st. The purpose of this campaign is to showcase the amazing services St. Anthony’s Hospital provides at “home” in our St. Pete community. These services, like the most advanced technology, wouldn’t be possible without our amazing donors. In 2022, thanks to donations, we were able to fund:

  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Equipment which assists cardiopulmonary rehabilitation patients in their recovery to increase cardiac and pulmonary function through exercise.
  • POWER Program for breast cancer patients is specially designed for our breast cancer survivors to empower them with knowledge, emotional support, and whole-body wellness.
  • BIS Modules assess the level of consciousness and sedation and titrate anesthetic drugs to individual patient requirements.
  • Henry K. Lam Pharmacy Scholarships supported pharmacy team members who work at St. Anthony’s Hospital to continue their education.
  • Tru D Smart is a portable UVC disinfection system that delivers one automated, measured dose of UVC light to consistently disinfect a room during one cycle.
  • And much more!

Generosity during the holiday season makes such a difference in improving our community’s health. Are you ready to donate to your “home” in the St. Pete community this holiday season? Donate to St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation today here!