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Your Generosity Heals
Your Generosity Heals
Your Generosity Heals
Your Generosity Heals
Your Generosity Heals

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Women in Philanthropy Luncheon

21 March 2024
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Love Light Dedications: John W. Larkin III, Sandy Tolrud, Sandy Mcphee, and Kathy Krueger – Michele Larkin | In memory of Jason & Diane Rauch – Heather Pierce-Wheeler | Rik Green and Martin Cameron – Lynn Cissna, Florie Fludd Pondexter, Rev. Lincoln Pondexter, Sr., Monroe Pondexter, and Ola Huggins-Johnson – Linda Pondexter-Gidron | Jamie II, Weston, Alex, Lucas, and Weston II – J. Kipp Wall | Jean Suggitt, Brian Rhodes, Doug Collins, Cindy Naber, Frank Harrison Sr., Liby Family, Bill & Jean Colville, Bill Colville – Pam Colville | Dr. Neil Bajwa, Dr. Kunal Amin, and in memory of Dr. Dwight Valentine – Tim Landt | The Swanson-Wooten Family, Lindsey Swanson & Lukas, and Vikki Wooten – Cathy Swanson | Family of Gary McClure – Anonymous | In Memory of Dr. Valentine – Edward and Hilburn Berry | Patricia Corcoran – Shannon Stein | In Memory of Adis Gonzalez – Lisset and Wayne Hanewicz | Joe Driscoll Family and Anthony Zona Family – Carmi Paris | In memory of Dr. Dwight Valentine, Eugene Valentine, Marilyn Stone, and Deane Valentine – Susan Stone | Megan Grove, TJ Grove, Gracie Grove, Betsy Graham, Philip Graham IV, Kelly Graham, Paris Graham, and Peyton Graham – Phil and Stephanie Graham | In Memory of Oscar “Butch” Ayala – Connie Koons | In Memory of James Billings & Betty Clovis and James Gardner – Mary Gardner | Bobby Christmas, June Wedding, Ed & Bus Sergeant, and The Faraones – Valerie Rankin | Mary Whatt Allen and Don Jaicks – Joan Jaicks | Ella Lindholm, Audrey Lindholm, Jordan Hagg, Hayley Hagg, Bryant Hagg, Clara Jurt, Nolan Jurt, and Patricia Vogele – J.A. Vogele, Jr. | Col. Albert R. Neville, Jr. and Robert C. Neville – Alice Neville | John T. Cunniff – Judy Cunniff | Margaret Crist Wood – Elizabeth Crist Poore, MD | Lainey Allen, Jack Pilsbury, Diane Davis, and David Davis – Beverly Pilsbury | Betty Willis, Carl DeBickero, Dr. William Hunter, Feather Lowery, Scott Jordan, and Janet Raymond – Robert Willis | Joseph Bonanno and Yvonne Vogeler – Carol Bonanno | Rob Bowen & Jason Tea’bout, Celmatgene Mastry, Julie Mastry, Shannon & Brad, Children who have no one, and Kris, Paula, & Alex Bowen – Julie Mastry | Joan Towery, Terry Tanner, Sr., Sally Madden, Tom Strickland, and Jesse Eugene Graham, Sr. – Burchie and Emery Ellinger | Martha White, Sally Barber, Ernest Barber, and Betty DeBoer – Sarah Lonquist | Weston B. Wall, Baby Boy #2 Wall, Alexis Wall, and Weston Wall – S. Kipp Wall and Celene Brink | Floyd Russell, Melissa Russell, Jack Lonquist, and Juanita Russell – Carol and JC Russell | Jon S. Cook, Eileen Allard, Ellie Fales, Myra Minicus – Janet Cook | McClurg Family, Ferguson Family, Johnson/Bartz Family, Stengle Family, Maureen Gilmore, and Linda Loury, The McGinn Family, The Froshman Family, Michael Fish, The Fried Lauders, Terry Leja, and Nat Sonnier – Susan Johnson | Robert C Punzak, Gilbert L Graus, Paul T. Hart, and James A. Hart – David Punzak | Tom & Jeanne Stevens, Sean & Carmen Shannon, Jane & Caleb Shannon, Rory & Julie Shannon, Andrew Shannon, Ted & Eileen S. Shannon, Jonathan & Jennifer Shannon, Deceased Family Members of Shannon-Prior – Robert and Nancy Shannon | Pamela Burford – John G. Burford | Agnes, Patsy, Rose, & Philip – Jim and Phyllis Powell | Mary Raftell – Demetra Raftell | Alba Baldasare, Joyce Clayto, and Rose Marie Pizzitola – Ross and Fran Lovell | Lanny B. King, Maxine King, Danny R. King, Mr. & Mrs. B. Koon, Benjamin Koons, III, and Charles Koon – Connie Koons | D. Eugene Mastry and Celma Nini Mastry – Celma L. Mastry | The Monagan Family, The Monaghan Family, The Kass Family, The Till Family, and The Schoeppner Family – John Schoeppner and Martha Monagan-Hart | Jeannine Hascall, Henry & Gene Towery, Doug De Marie, and Mitchel St. Cin – Barbara and Doug DeMarie | Margaret E Sokolsky – Elaine Mikurak | Eddie Maloof – Mary Maloof

Funding Priorities


Advanced Technologies 
The Foundation supports the funding of cutting-edge hospital equipment. 

work out

Programs and Services 
Mind, body and spirit are the continual focus of our programs and services. 


Continuing Education 
The Foundation funds continuing education opportunities for team members.


Funding went to the hospital for new equipment,
scholarships and programs in 2022.

What’s New