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Continuing Education

Continuing Education 

The Foundation funds a variety of continuing education opportunities for team members such as scholarships and professional conferences.

One of the most important ways to improve our quality of care is to invest in our team members. Our Earn as you Learn Program enables team members the opportunity to embark on a career in nursing.

If you are interested in funding a scholarship to further education for team members, contact Amy Leuschke, Director of Development, at 727-825-1109 or

Here are a few recipients of the Earn as You Learn Scholarship:

Crystal Wright

Crystal Wright: “This foundation has done more for me in my life than I could have ever imagined. Please know that this scholarship financial assistance is going to a hardworking and thankful team member.”

Nikki Johnson

Nikki Johnson: “I am so grateful and honored to have been selected for the scholarship. As I am working and learning I am coming to the hospital and putting the pieces of the puzzle together.”

Ted Hope

Ted Hope, Father of Recipient: “Thanks to the scholarship, she (daughter) was able to take a smaller loan and not have to work while going to school.”