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Advanced Technologies

Mini C-Arm

Advanced Technologies

One of St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation’s funding priorities is advanced technologies. It is important for our hospital to have the latest technology and equipment so we can provide the highest quality care for our patients.

The Foundation recently received numerous requests for equipment and patient program funding through its annual grant season. If you are interested in donating to fund a piece of equipment or program, contact Amy Leuschke, Director of Development, at 727-825-1109 or  

Here are a few pieces of equipment currently needing funding:

CT IV Contrast Power Injector

CT IV Contrast Power Injector: The power injector is syringe-less, uses a larger volume contrast bottle, and is portable (has Bluetooth technology).

GYN Stretcher

GYN Stretchers: The stretchers will allow ultrasound technologists to perform procedures/exams, as well as adjust patients to make them more
comfortable. The current ultrasound stretchers are standard stretchers
and can make patient exams challenging. They can move to the transport
department for use elsewhere.


Interventional Radiology: Additional equipment will reduce the amount of time patients wait to be scheduled for life saving or life changing procedures resulting in medical treatments starting sooner.


Sterile Drier: The sterile driers are ideal for drying equipment prior to wrapping
for low temperature sterilization. It provides HEPA filtered drying following
high-level disinfection of semi-critical items such as CPAP equipment.

Dash Monitors

Dash Monitors: Dash monitors are used for patient monitoring in the Ambulatory
Care Unit and Endoscopy. The Dash monitor can be adapted to any
level of acuity so it can stay with the patient throughout the entire care

Nursing Training

Nursing Simulation Program: New educational equipment will improve team members knowledge, skill, competency, and proficiency. Equipment includes:

  • Advanced Multipurpose Venous Training Arm
  • Advanced Patient Care Male and Female Catheterization skills trainer
  • Mobile virtual patient monitor for the Susie simulator – allows educator
    to create immersive scenarios
  • Laerdal Pediatric Intraosseous Leg – allows practice in inserting
    intraosseous (IO) vascular access on pediatric patients.
Medication Assistance

Medication Assistance: The Meds-to-Beds service provides patients with medications prior to hospital discharge. If patients are unable to afford the cost of the medication, Publix pharmacy can create an account to assist. The grant funds will be allocated towards this account and utilized upon review by
the hospital’s Care Coordination Department.

Mammo Program

POWER Breast Cancer & Cancer Wellness Program: Exercise can improve participants’ health, mood, and decrease the chance of a second cancer. Additionally, there is more ongoing contact with participants to ensure needs are being met. This proposal would allow for 35 new patients to enter the POWER program. The POWER ALL CANCER program would allow us to offer 104 classes per year.